*Top two photos by Amanda Esparza

Hey, Thanks for stopping in!

I’m Vanessa, you can call me Nessa if you like! I am a 26 year old artist, married to my other half- Austin, and I am what some people might describe as “progressive”. I geek out on lessening our environmental impact, living with less junk, companies ROCKING the eco-friendly game, mouthwatering vegan dishes, living with purpose, and of course style and design because, hey, I am an artist after all.

a little ‘bout me

I was raised in a logging camp on a remote island in Alaska- we didn’t even have a grocery store- I know, right? Unimaginable. Spending my formative years living so simply gave me fierce creativity, a lifelong appreciation for nature, aaaand some social anxiety but we will just skip right over that.

Austin and I have moved all around the United States since getting married and are currently (temporarily) living in the Pacific Northwest, although we plan to settle down in- to be continued…. ;-)

We are a perky couple and absolute opposites- in the way the best teammates are.

a little ‘bout my art

I am a “tropical watercolor artist” as I like to say. My inspiration comes from the vibrant hues and ocean blues of tropical destinations.

I primarily focus on painting aerial (drone view) ocean pieces that celebrate the nuanced beauty of the ocean. I have a deep love for the sea and all it’s inhabitants and hope to spread awareness of how our on-land actions are impacting marine life and what we can do to better protect it.

I also have a series of paintings celebrating the bliss and paradise that is pregnancy for many women. These pieces are meant to commemorate pregnancy with a life-long reminder of this fleeting and beautiful moment in a woman’s life. I have a deep admiration and appreciation for pregnancy from my long history studying human development and working with babies and expectant mommas.

what you can expect

Here on nessablack.com we explore eco-friendly living, running a minimalist home, vegan recipes and tips, some lifestyle bits, and of course support one another in our efforts to better our lives and our world! I would love for you to join the fun!