Never Again Let {Insert Annoyance} Destroy Your Inner Peace

As I am writing this post I am picking dried feathers off my arms and fighting the urge to attack my entire apartment with the vacuum; turning a blind eye to the clumps of wet fluff sticking to all surfaces. Let’s just say nothing could have prepared me for the morning I have had.

I bounced out of bed refreshed and giddy to write the blog post I had planned for today. I pranced about the house listening to Friends reruns, doing my morning cleaning, and switching the laundry- that’s when this brilliant idea struck me- I should wash my pillows! Since we just entered summer it seemed a fitting time for a pillow refresh!

I plunged our three down pillows down into the washer- something I have done a million times- and left them to agitate while I continued on with my cleaning. I breezed past the washer a few minutes later and decided to take a quick peek inside- am I the only disturbed person that finds it weirdly gratifying to see what color the water turns? As I lifted the lid, I gasped! Inside was what appeared to be my pillows floating in a drum of oatmeal.

My 20 year old down pillow had burst, exploding all of its contents into the water.



I froze for a moment trying to decide whether to laugh or cry. I paced around the house desperately racking my brain for a magical quick fix. Time travel? A strainer? Ignore it and it will go away? I grumbled for a moment about how life is unfair and I make stupid choices. I took a deep breath and cringed as I peeked at the carnage again then… doubled over laughing hysterically and got to work. These are the moments we learn what we are made of. The moments that test our nature. The moments that say “Yeah? You’ve grown? Let’s just see about that”.

This is not the post I had planned to write as my re-kick-off into the blogosphere but this is what I am writing anyway because this is exactly why I wanted to start a blog. To remind people (and myself) that life is okay! We are okay! We all go through crap that makes us feel like idiots, tests our patience, wrecks us emotionally- but we have a choice how we show up every day and who we are in the world. We can curse our circumstances and beat ourselves (and everyone around us) up or, we can take a deep breath, choose to accept the situation, and find a way to see some beauty in it all because that is how we grow- accepting every moment as a learning experience and a part of our story.

I managed to fish all the wet feather goop out of the washer and it is currently sitting in a sopping pile on my porch as I decide whether it is worth trying to repair the pillow or not. But, despite the inconvenience it has caused me today, I am grateful for that pillow because this whole mess taught me that I am in control. A pillow will not destroy my inner peace… a sentence that sounds absolutely asinine when I say it out loud. Oh well, that’s just where I am in life. Happy Monday folks!

xo Nessa

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